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CARD Fingerprinting is available at our Columbus, Ohio office location and onsite.

ONSITE For your convenience, both Digital and Card Fingerprinting are available onsite.  A minimum of 10 combined digital and/or card applicants are required for onsite services.  A professional Fingerprint Technician will visit your business location. The Fingerprint Technician will provide the necessary equipment for the card prints and the Digital Fingerprinting System.  An electrical outlet must be present to operate the Digital System.  Our mobile system is equipped with wireless broadband.  The onsite service is available throughout the state of Ohio.  Locations outside the Columbus, Ohio require a minimum of 25 digital and/or card prints combined.  If requirement can not be met, an additional travel and/or service fee may be charged.  The state of Ohio BCI & I will no longer accept card prints unless there are unique circumstances in which you are unable to process the prints through WebCheck.  If your company has printed cards processed outside the state of Ohio and require a specific card, please provide the card onsite at the time the Fingerprint Technician is scheduled to arrive.

WEBCHECK is an Internet-based program for civilian background checks. The program reduces the return rate from 4-6 weeks, to as little as 48 hours.  Since 1993, the Ohio General Assembly passed several state laws requiring background checks for certain individuals who work with children, the elderly and insurance agents. This is the latest and greatest technique in processing accurate background checks in a timely manner.
PrintChek, LLC is an authorized vendor of the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI&I) and licensed through WebCheck.

PrintChek, LLC teams up with InfoCorp Investigative Services, LLC to offer both background checks through fingerprinting as well as various investigative services.


The following require a Fingerprint Background Check:

Day Care Providers
Owners, licensees, or administrators of day care centers or of a type A family day care home, and any person aged 18 or older who resides in a type A family day care home.
Ohio Revised Code 5104.013

In home aides, or employees, owners, or operators of child-day-care centers, type A family day-care home, or certified type B family day-care home.
Ohio Revised Code 5104.09

Employees of child day-care centers and type A home, and every person 18 years of age or older residing in a type A home.
Ohio Revised Code 5104.09

In-home aides, authorized providers, and every person age 18 or older residing in a type B home.
Ohio Revised Code 5104.09

Administrator and licensee of a center or type A home.
Ohio Revised Code 5104.09

Prospective employees of child day care centers responsible for the care, custody, and control of children.
Ohio Revised Code 5104.012

Other Care Providers
Providers approved to provide homemaker/personal care services under OBRA waiver.
Ohio Revised Code 5123: 1-2-06 F

Employees of Schools or other Agencies working with Children (SB38)
School district treasurers and business managers. They must satisfy same requirements for superintendents and principals.
Ohio Revised Code 3301.07.4 and 3319.01

Prospective head start employees responsible for care, custody, or control of a child.
Ohio Revised Code 3301.32.

Prospective preschool employees responsible for care, custody, or control of a child.
Ohio Revised Code 3301.541

Applicants for a teaching certificate, including preschool certification or educational aides. Ohio Revised Code 3319.29

Applicants who have applied to a school district or for school employment in any position responsible for care, custody, control of a child.
Ohio Revised Code 3319.39

Prospective employees of a home health agency responsible for care, custody, or control of a child.
Ohio Revised Code 3701.881

School bus drivers. They are included in the care, custody, control clause.
Ohio Revised Code 4501.1-05

Department of Youth Services & Corrections-related occupations

Prospective community residential center employees and detention center employees.
Ohio Revised Code 5139.04 and 5139.28

Prospective employees of community-based corrections programs.
Ohio Revised Code 5149.31

Prospective halfway house and community residential center employees.
Ohio Revised Code 2967.14 (C) (Adult Parole Authority)

Prospective employees of a public children services agency responsible for the care, custody, or control of a child.
Ohio Revised Code5153.111

Prospective employees of facilities licensed by the Division of Parole and Community Services.
OAC 5120: 1-2-08 L


Individuals required to be listed on disclosure statement (3734.01 D - including officers, directors, partners, or key employees, and all individuals holding equity or debt liability of that business if publicly traded, all individuals or business concerns holding more than five percent of the equity in or liability of that business concern) with respect to a solid and hazardous waste operator.
Ohio Revised Code 3734.42


Individuals applying for licenses issued by the State Racing Commission.
Ohio Revised Code 3769.03

Employees of the State Lottery.
Ohio Revised Code 3770.02

Law Enforcement

Applicants for all positions in Ohio law enforcement agencies include background checks, which are performed by BCI&I

Candidates for Sheriff, elected or appointed.
Ohio Revised Code 311.01 (B)

Terminal operators who access information in the LEADS system through State Highway patrol agencies.
OAC 4501:2 G

Massage Establishment & Masseuse/Masseur

Any person applying for a permit to operate a massage establishment.
Ohio Revised Code 503.43 (D)

Applicants for license to operate as a masseuse or masseur.
Ohio Revised Code 503.45 D

Adult Cabarets

Applicants for permits to run adult cabarets.
Ohio Revised Code 503.54

Liquor Permits

No person convicted of a felony can receive or retain any type of liquor permit.
Ohio Revised Code 4303.29 A

Private Investigator/Security Guard Provider Licenses

Individuals, applicants, or corporation (each officer within such).
Ohio Revised Code 4749.03 B 2

Automobile Dealers/Salesmen

Licenses to sell automobiles in Ohio are denied to any dealer, wholesaler, distributor, salesman, or auction owner who has tampered with a non-functioning odometer.
Ohio Revised Code 549.50

Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Applicants for Commercial Drivers Licenses.
Ohio Revised Code 4506.09 C and 4506.16

Providing Direct Care to an Older Adult
Senate Bill 160 (Ohio Revised Code 109.572)

Passport Agency.
Ohio Revised Code 173.41

Home Health Agency.
Ohio Revised Code 3701.881

Home or Adult Day-Care Program.
Ohio Revised Code 3721.121

County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities.
Ohio Revised Code 5126.28

Hospice Care Program.
Ohio Revised Code 3712.09

Adult Care Facility.
Ohio Revised Code 3722.151

Other Public Servants

Applicants under final consideration for employment with classified or unclassified portions of the Division of Administrative Services.
OAC 5123:1-7-01 D, and I

Foster/Adoptive Parents

Employees responsible for out of home child care and prospective adoptive or foster parents.
Ohio Revised Code 2151.86

County Boards of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities - MRDD

Prospective employees with a county board of MRDD.
OAC 5123:2-1-05

Prospective employees of contracting entities providing, under contract with a county board of MRDD, direct services to individuals with mental retardation or a developmental disability.
Ohio Revised Code 5126.281 and 5123-2-1051

 Department of Mental Health (SB 160)

Classified and unclassified employees of the Ohio Department of Mental Health.
Ohio Revised Code 5119.072

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